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Had Dean as my driving instructor, made the lessons fly by and great banter made me book more lessons, he's cracked it!. Couldn't have picked a better instructor!!

Sean Byrne (Brentwood)


the best instructor going. will ensure you fly through your lessons and pass your test without any problems. really friendly people who want the best for you! BRILLIANT! COULDN'T HAVE ASKED FOR BETTER

Amy Rudgely (Harlow)


Great driving school, great instructor.

Daniel Cockely (Billericay)


Got to say Dean is a number 1 driving instructor to be able to put up with me and he got me through my driving test 1st time with only 4 minors dean really is a funny guy to have driving lessons with I could not have asked for more in a driving instructor

Freddie Rudgely (Harlow)


Passed 1st time. And with only 6 lessons highly recomended!! Good luck with the new busness. :)

Karl Mevo (Harlow)


I would recommend anyone who wants to learn how to drive to take lessons with Dean! Lessons were always fun and did not seem like lessons at all because of the great conversations and jokes along the way. But most importantly you left knowing something new and accomplishing a lot with great encouragement! I passed my test with only two minors! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK DEAN AND THANKS AGAIN!!!

Varisse Colphon


I would recommend Pass Out Driving School to everyone. Dean is a fantastic instructor who was extremely patient and calm. He has a brilliant sense of humour which made me feel relaxed in the car from my first lesson. He has unique ways of teaching which I found so useful and made learning to drive so much simpler and stress - free than I had expected. Dean was always encouraging and optimistic which made me more determined to drive well and pass my test which I did first time! He was very accomodating if I ever needed to change a lesson and the access to the theory test revision material that Dean gave me was very useful. I wouldn't hesitate in recomending Pass Out Driving School!

Nicholas Hart


I Used Dean to get me back on the road after disqualification. He is by far the best of the 4 instructors I tried previously. his tuition was not only fun and inviting but spot on and to the point. He made it so not only did I have the correct skills to get me through my test and out on the open road, but the knowledge and confidence to be a very good driver.

Aaron Jolley


Words cannot describe how easy this fella makes instructing look, now we are like brothers, if you he doesnt teach you how to drive personally, ill cry a tear for you...

Bradley Kearsley


So glad I was recommended to go with Dean as my driving instructor. I was such a nervous learner but Dean gave me the confidence I needed and without him I would never have passed first time. He makes learning to drive so easy and very enjoyable, I spent most of my lessons laughing!!

Hollie Mitchell-Wright


"Dean Thomas is a brilliant driving instructor that helped me pass my test with only two minors! I always looked forward to driving lessons because they're always a laugh. He's laid back and I feel very safe knowing he has the dual controls and let's me learn at my own speed. Best instructor, won't be disappointed!"

Josephine Cheuk


I can honestly say that I learnt to drive with probably the best driving instructor there is he makes feel at ease got patience so when it comes to those horrible reverse park he works with you till it's perfected I am going to be calling on Dean Thomas again for when my daughter is ready to learn to drive as I know she will be comfortable learning with dean

Tony Richardson


Can honestly say the best driving instructor!! I hear things about others instructors but they're naff all compared to dean, felt comfortable the minute I got in the car and have never laughed so much. lots of banter ;) those taking lesson with him I'm sure you'll agree. Thanks dean for a great learning experience :) xx

Amber Charlesworth


Mr Thomas excels at almost anything he turns his mind to! He is the bee's knees and the dog's .... when it comes to Driving Instruction. It's a shame that he has been unable to transfer his obvious skills in this field to the pool table.

Jack Pinder


Dean is a great teacher i felt at ease all the time and he made me feel confident driving. I cant reccomend him and his team highly enough.

Bradley Cooper


I would recommend Dean as a driving instructor because the lessons were efficient and relaxed. It was encouraging that he would explore many different options to help me overcome nervousness for test day. At no point did I ever feel like I wouldn't achieve what I wanted to achieve. Not only was Dean a fantastic driving instructor but also a great laugh!

Nathan Krout


I can not recommend Dean and pass out driving enough, the most important thing when you are learning to drive is a good atmosphere and that's what you get here. I instantly felt like I had known Dean for ages, he isn't like all of the stuffy, school teacher types who tend to do the job and make it seem like a chore rather than the good experience it should be. If your thinking of taking lessons for the first time or have stopped because you haven't enjoyed it with someone else then I guarantee you won't regret starting here. Top bloke, great banter and most importantly he will help you drive well and pass.

Andy Dongray


Dean and Pass Out Driving School come with my highest recommendation. An expert driver and a brilliant teacher. Patient, positive and friendly, as many others have said driving lessons become something to look forward to with Pass Out. Not only are you taught everything you need to pass your test, but also how to handle other driving situations that will not be covered in the exam. As a pupil you are made to feel like your success is as important to them as is it to you!

Carl De Souza


Dean is an immense instructor. He gave me full support with both my theory and practical tests which I couldn't have passed without him. Great school, great bloke, great experience!

Adam Brightman


Dean always challenged and encouraged me when learning to drive; only taking six months before I was ready to take my test, passing first time! His terrible sense of humour and endless stories always made lessons enjoyable! I would definately say Dean's efficiency and patience helped me become a confident driver; his thoroughness of manoeuvres ensured I was 100% ready for my test

George Devonshire


I wouldn't hesitate for one second to recommend Dean to people as their driving instructor. He really is brilliant at what he does, he knows the game inside and out and he made the whole learning experience seem so so easy and a lot of fun. I genuinely looked forward to our lessons and was almost sad when I passed! If Dean can't get you the pink license, no-one can!

Danielle Prowse (aka Trouble)


Thank you very much for the driving lessons and helping to get my car license. It was great learning experience. I would be happy recommend you for any new learners I come across. Looking forward to take the Pass Plus lessons from you soon!

Ramkumar Pattabiriman


Having previously started learning to drive with a different driving school I found that I was wasting my money as I hadn't done anything yet. As soon as I changed to learn with dean I found an instant change I was driving around after just two hours. Then I quickly learnt everything as he teaches you everything quickly he wants to get people driving as soon as your ready. He doesn't keep you learning so he can get more money from you when your ready he will tell you. Great lessons best instructor out there !

Ashley Horton


Dean is probably the best diving instructor I could have ever picked, I would always look forward to my lessons because whilst teaching me how to drive, he'd make me laugh so much! I recommend Dean to all of my friends because I know they'd love him and would pass as fast as I did with him. He taught me in whatever way i felt that i learn best e.g. if i wanted him to show me, he would or if i wanted him to tell me instructions, he would. We are till good friends now and I passed my test a while ago, whenever I see him I'll give him a dead arm or turn his L plates upside down, and then will receive an abusive text off him later on! I loved learning with Dean, he taught me so well that I'm now a better driver than he is!!

Lucy Freeman


I would recommend Pass Out Driving School to everyone. Dean was my instructor and he was phenomenal. He has and amazing sense of humour and all of the lessons were really fun so I would always look forward to them. This made me feel at ease and boosted my confidence in driving. The lessons are based around you, your skill set with as much time you need to perfect something, so there's no need to rush or keep up to a set schedule. Deans encouraging attitude made learning to drive very simple and easy to pick up, hence why I passed my driving test first time round in Brentwood. He's very open and laid back so asking questions and arranging lessons was very simple, he was also very accommodating when I needed help revising for my theory test and provided the materials necessary. Overall, I highly recommend Pass Out Driving School because its fantastic and will help you pass your driving in no time.

Kenneth Dissanayake


Best driving school around, Dean is a great instructor who makes you feel comfortable, lets you learn in your own time and has good banter! I would recommend him to anyone!

Amy Warwick


Just Passed my driving test 2 days ago at Bishops strotford and it was all because of my instructor Dean as he was Extremely helpful with lessons. I found him a very friendly and jolly person which helped me to learn in a friendly environment. All of his efforts worked out and I just nailed it, wouldn't recommend anyone else except Dean if someone is planning on taking some driving lessons before test. Thanks to Pass-out driving school for providing me a great instructor.

Omer Shabbir


Would very much recommend Dean as a driving instructor, very easy to get along with and knows what he's talking about. Lessons are very cheap in comparison to other instructors I looked at and he helped me pass my test with just four minors!

Josh Norman


Dean was the best driving instructor, full of support and banter he made lessons fly by and helped me to pass both tests first time! Always had a laugh on lessons and felt comfortable and confident driving and learning with dean! So happy I found pass out and had the chance to be taught by dean, couldn't have asked for better!

Jade Sell


A massive thanks to Dean from Pass Out who helped me pass with ease and confidence his friendly relaxed manner was just what I needed and his constant encouragement was a blessing. He always made it fun and I miss his banter. 100% recommended!

Taylor Kimble


Would highly recommend Pass Out driving school and especially Dean Thomas to anyone. The friendly approach that is prioritised was exactly what I needed. The lessons were enjoyable and the laughs we had were unforgettable as we roamed the streets of Essex. From passing my test first time and within no time at all, the informal manner did not get in the way of success.

George Connolly


Would definitely recommend Pass Out, was really easy and friendly to learn from! Don't think I'd have passed as quickly if I'd used a different school!

Rachel Whalley


Dean is really a great instructor. His sense of humour makes lessons interesting and easy.Moreover his approach and technique is really good and up to date.Believe me it really works.I recommend Dean to all of my friends for lessons.I have no words to describe his technique. Its simply speechless....

Zeshan Zia


Dean is the best instructor ever!! Don't think I would have ever had got through my test if it wasn't for him !

Jessica Diable


Paul was great at helping to develop a great awareness of the roads, and how to prepare for different situations. I passed with 0 minors thanks to his brilliant guidance.

Daniel Roberts


As much as it hurts me to write this dean is a very good driving instructor. Makes you feel comfortable as soon as you get in the car! Found it really easy to learn with him. Highly recommend him!

Tasha Jones


Can honestly say Dean is the BEST driving instructor everrrr ! He's so jokes and doesn't make you feel uncomfortable like other ones. Not one of he's lessons were boring and he got me to pass with only just 1 minor! So if your looking for a driving school you should DEFO go with PASSOUTTT

Simone Sharpe


Without a doubt the best instructor Ive had, made learning to drive comfortable and relaxed and definitely value for money! I passed with 2 minors in just 12 lessons. I couldn't of done it without pass out driving and the expertise of Dean Thomas

Tony Hall


After starting lessons with Dean Thomas at Pass-Out Driving School, I pass theory first time and practical first time with 5 minors. The theory pro website he provided helped a lot. My passing the practical was all thanks to Dean tailoring the lessons to suit me. Would highly recommend to friends, family and all looking to learn. I have recently recommended my Sister and three work colleagues. Would advise anyone to learn with Dean as he was brilliant for the entire time. Very Good Teacher. Absolutely awful banter !

Leigh Gott


I recommend Dean Thomas to all types of driver wanting to pass their test. Whether you are experienced or not, Dean will automatically set you on the right track to pass as quickly as possible. Although Dean's performance as a driving instructor is brilliant, he will never fail to make you smile and gives you the right amount confidence to make you feel like passing your test is more than possible! There is No doubt Dean Thomas WILL get you where you want in no time what so ever and give you a great experience along the way. So I thank Dean immensely for all the experience he has given me!

Anthony Devine


Dean is a top driving instructor !! Makes you feel really at ease and makes lessons enjoyable and not scary! Definitely reccomend for people who are nervous. Top man

Emma Nay


Deano, what a geezer! Helped me pass my driving test in 17 hours and had such a laugh whilst doing so! Great instructor, would definitely recommend going with Passout!

Jack Bailey


Had Dean as my instructor, made the lessons so funny and learnt so much so quickly considering I didn't know there was 3 pedals in a car! Best instructor, need to learn with Dean!

Billy Dickerson


Just passed my test all thanks to Dean. Such a funny man felt like i was just out with a friend which made me feel calm and comfortable which i didnt have with my previous instructor. I recommend him to people of all ages that want to learn to drive and have fun while doing it! Love yaaaa Deanyyyyyyy x

Lucy Williams


I enjoyed each and every lesson of my driving with Dean. He made it so easy for me with his professional driving techniques and encouraged me a lot to pass my driving test. The best driving instructor. I will recommend Dean Thomas for all people.

Zeeshan Khan


Had deano as my driving instructor and couldn't of asked for anyone else! I had someone before him but I switched because he was awful. Switching was the best move I ever made as he always found time for me in his busy schedule! I learnt so much from him so quickly and I passed first time. Would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Talha Mughal


Would defiantly recommend pass out driving to everyone, Dean's a top instructor, gave me a lot of confidence throughout my learning experience.

Alfie Kingsnorth


I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor! Dean made me feel comfortable and confident about driving. I flew through my lessons and we always had such a laugh! I passed my test with only 2 minors, and that's all thanks to Dean! I would recommend Dean to anyone who is looking for lessons, he is absolutely amazing!

Siobhan Preston


With an instructor like Dean you are sure to come OUT with a PASS - that is what PASS OUT driving school is all about. Dean is a highly experienced and a very patient instructor..knows what your weak points are and tailors the lessons as needed.

Lijo Jose


When Learning how to drive with Pass Out, you learn so quickly and are always on the road, makes lessons really worth while, Learning with Dean is such a laugh, making you feel really comfortable and I'd never thought I'd learn so quickly.

Rhys Shiels


Never had a boring lesson with Deano, learnt so much but had a laugh while doing it, definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to Drive !

Elliot Spurgeon


I had dean as my driving instructor. After having had two previous instructors I can say that Dean is not your average instructor. He goes above and beyond to cater to your needs. He's always early for lessons and tries his hardest to offer lessons for when you want them. His teaching is outstanding and negativity is not a trait he holds. I truly enjoyed the lessons I had with Dean and always looked forward to them, so much I am almost sad I passed my driving test with only two minors

Eleesha-Marie Britten


Dean is a great Instructor who makes you feel comfortable from the start. Such a laugh, every lesson I was basically in tears! Would highly recommend him, top geeza!

Adam Cleverley


Dean is not like your usual Driving Instructor but in the best way, learn't so quickly and easily. Always makes you laugh and is a friendly driving instructor. Would always look forward to my driving lessons; always a positive vibe. Would recommend anyone to this man, you will not regret it.

Karim Francis


Dean is a great driving instructor. He is always very encouraging and fun! I looked forward to every lesson being full of banter (and learning!). I had a few lessons with other members of the Pass Out team and they are all great. I passed with 3 minors, I highly recommend Dean as an instructor!

Dani Hancock


I would recommend Pass-Out driving school to everyone, dean is such a good laugh when your on a lesson with him. We always had good banter together. He explains things clearly to you.

Nathan Theobald


The best Instructor going. Really friendly makes you feel good in yourself and makes you feel at ease. Would tell anyone to go with Pass-Out. Made a good friend there thanks Dean

Heidi Skingsley


Would really recommend Dean as a driving instructor. I found all my lessons fun and looked forward to everyone of them. I managed to pick up driving really quickly with confidence. Definitely the best driving school around and I wouldn't have been able to do it with out him!

Ella Wager


'I can't argue with the fact that I just passed my driving test with 0 faults! Dean has been my only driving instructor which only goes to show that he's fantastic at his job. I highly recommend him - if you're up for a bit of banter!'

Luci Mager


Dean, is a fantastic driving instructor, he keeps you calm makes it fun. I never thought, I would learn to drive being a mature lady and Dean has made this possible.

Debbie Colloff


Not many people can say that they enjoyed learning to drive but I certainly can! Top quality teaching along with a good laugh every lesson. The months flew by and before I knew it I had passed my test first time!! Would recommend Pass Out to anyone!!

Rosie Law


Had dean as my instructor and I honestly can't thank him enough! He made lessons fun and relaxed, unlike the typical boring driving lesson you would expect! I would recommend him to anyone if they want to fly through to become a confident driver! But trust me he will find a way of annoying you during your lesson ! Eg clapping or singing to "his tunes" haha. Once again Thankyou so much dean!! I look forward to our pass plus lessons now !

Hannah Kellett


Dean was a great driving instructor, made me look forward to every lesson and I didn't have one boring one. Would definitely recommend especially since I passed first time as well with just one minor. THANKS DEAN!

Dana Aase Pittman


Dean was my driving instructor and he was brilliant! Had a good laugh on my lessons and the time went by very quickly!

Harry Spicer


Had dean as my driving instructor for the past 4/5 months and not one lesson was boring, was always great fun. Brilliant teacher learnt everything I needed to know highly recommend him to anyone who's looking to start driving

Owen Barrow


Dean is the most amazing driving instructor, he made me pass 1st time with only 2 minors and his lessons made driving so fun! We had so many laughs and made me learn so much! You the best Dean!!

Holly Smith


Dean was my 4th driving instructor he was the only one who seemed to no what he was doing. He's brilliant I passed first time, after years wasted with previous instructors wish I new about dean sooner would deffo recommend to anyone.

Lucy O'Niell


Dean is a top driving instructor, he's all you could ask for and more. His lessons are fun and full of banter but still incredibly informative. He really gets you thinking clearly about driving and the different manoeuvres. I would recommend him to anyone and have done since passing with him.

Matt Dongray


I had Dean as my Instructor and he was funny, patient and an all round great instructor, got me through passing first time with 2 minors xx

Kayleigh Boreham


Dean made me look forward to my driving lessons. Great driving instructor and was sad to leave him when I passed! Definitely one of the best driving instructors out there and would recommend to anyone.

Geena Manzi


I had lessons with both Dean and Steve, As instructors they are so easy to get along with and makes lessons so enjoyable. They would always make the time to fit a lesson in for me and i have become such a confident driver thanks to their teaching. Would highly recommend!!!

Nicole Tandy


Dean was my Instructor at Pass Out. My Instructor before Dean was useless and brung my confidence down with my driving but Dean soon turned this around. He put me at ease straight away with his laid back attitude and sense of humour. If I made an error he didn't lose patience with me but laughed it off and helped me through it. When Joining Pass Out you also get access to Theory Test Pro which I found to be a great help with passing my theory test. If you are looking for a driving instructor I would highly recommend Dean

Anneliese Hickson


I would recommend to anyone and everyone, to learn to drive with Dean at passout, I was so nervous but dean made me feel so comfortable straight away, no awkwardness. Best of all I passed first time, dean is an amazing and honest instructor, and clearly just wants what is best for you. Thank you dean !!

Sarah Phillips


After having lots of lessons with other driving companies, I was recommended Dean. He was an incredible teacher in many different ways. He built my confidence, became a great friend, had great banter, always supportive, knew how to make me understand, was patient (even when teaching me how to park) and he managed to get me to pass. My lessons with Dean although they went quickly I was always learning and developing. He prepared me fully for my test and made me the good driver that I am today. We even still stay in touch, a sign of a great teacher and a great friend. Would highly recommend him especially if you're up for a laugh and have a healthy supply of pick-and-mix!

Lucy Head


I highly recommended Dean at Pass-Out driving he got me passed within just 4 months of learning with him with just 3 minor faults.

Shannen Reilly


Would really recommend Dean as an Instructor, really helpful and really friendly! Passed within two months of learning, he made learning to drive really enjoyable.

Charlotte Saxon


I would highly recommend Dean to anyone who is looking for a great driving instructor. He’s laid-back, he makes you laugh when he tells his (not so good) jokes and he’s a excellent teacher. I felt very safe when driving with Dean especially with me at the wheel, I would tend to drive over the speed limit but with Deano by my side moaning, I eventually learned how to be a good and safe driver. He taught me simple but effective ways on how to do tricky driving manoeuvres which I found very useful and quick to learn. When I first got my provisional licence I did not hesitate to choose Dean for my driving instructor and I do not regret it.

Vishay Haulkhory


Brilliant instructor, unlike the others you could have a laugh with him and he didn't get mad if you made a mistake. Would definitely recommend to anyone, had me pass 1st time within a few months. Taught me more than I needed; as well as how to pass the test I learnt real world techniques and road rules that make me feel completely safe and in control on the road. Best instructor and business by far.

Frankie Watts


I was recommended by my best friend to have my driving lessons with Dean, it was the best decision I made. He was a fantastic instructor who made me feel relaxed from the very start-I enjoyed every single lesson. To top it off I passed my driving test the first time. Thank you for having me.

Emma Janavicius


Best driving school out there! such friendly instructors with very high pass rates.

Reece Charlesworth (Brentwood)


Had the main man Dean. Absolutely fantastic. Guidance and patience. Past theory and test first time. So chuffed.

Brendan Mullen


I had 2 previous driving instructors which weren't right for me - and who stressed me out and made me really nervous. I genuinely thought I was just a terrible driver but everything changed as soon as I had a lesson with Dean! He was so calm and relaxed and completely put me at ease. He was very flexible and fit in a lot of lessons for me at short notice - as I moved my test sooner to get it out of the way before I left for a work trip. I would absolutely recommend Dean to anyone and I passed first time :)

Jess Short


Absolutely brilliant with not a single bad thing to say. The instructor knew what he was doing and you feel safe at all times. Incredibly friendly, would recommend to anyone looking to drive.

Ryan Chapman


Couldnt have asked for anyone better to teach me how to drive. I was both learning and laughing constantly, and I have and will continue to recommend Dean to my family and friends. So yeah, go with this guy if you wanna have a good time whilst learning to drive.

Mathew Spinks


I had Dean as my driving instructor, top bloke, he had me in absolute stitches, makes it enjoyable, he made me feel so at ease learning to drive, would recommend him to anyone that want to learn to drive !!

Kyle Griffin


Amazing Driving School !!!!! My Instructor Dean was a fantastic, experienced instructor, who always made me feel comfortable when in the car and made my learning experience extremely enjoyable. He uses effective yet easy to follow methods which made learning manoeuvres simple. He has a great sense of humour and always stays calm which was very helpful when my stress levels would rise during a difficult situation. He always recognised and highlighted my mistakes by giving me advice on how to correct these mistakes and also reassuring me. Overall I had a wonderful learning experience, and thanks to Dean I now feel extremely comfortable and confident now when I am driving. I would highly recommend this driving school to anyone who is not only looking to learn how to drive but also to have a very exciting and memorable experience.

Zara Phillips


Would definitely recommend Passout, Dean is a fantastic instructor and also easy to talk to, the lessons are stress free and beneficial.

Adam Cummings


I had Nicola as my instructor and I can honestly say she made my experience a great one. I passed first time with only 2 minors! Nicola is such a lovely person and becomes more of a friend than an instructor. She taught me everything I need to know to be a safe and confident driver, Ill be forever grateful.

Holly Cosford


This driving school is brilliant! None of my lessons were ever cancelled/re-scheduled by Dean. He always managed to fit my lessons in around my daughters nursery hours too which was perfect for me. I felt relaxed and comfortable during my lessons. From my first lesson to my test it was only 12 weeks and I passed with only 2 minors!!

Charlotte Bate


Highly recommend pass out. I had Dean as my instructor. He had a way of keeping you calm and feeling at ease. He is professional, reliable and teaches you additional and practical things that will enable you to use when passing your test.

Emma Rengert


I had the best experience with my instructor Nicola. She was very patient, friendly and an excellent instructor. She was very encouraging and supportive through out which made it easier for me to pass first time!



Had a great time with Pass-Out Driving School- instructor always calm, helpful and knew what he was talking about and lessons were good fun!

Helen King


My driving instructor was Nicola! After taking a year out on driving lessons she made me feel so at ease every week, talking through when I made a mistake and congratulating me when I done well. Nicola was always on time and every lesson I was learning something new. I would 100% recommend learning with Pass Out, and have told everyone about Pass out! Thank you for helping me pass!

Zhane Bertrand-Pullen


I would highly recommend Pass Out Driving school to anyone. My driving instructor was Dean who has been brilliant over the past 5 months. The lessons are great fun (Dean is hilarious!) and engaging, as he has a wealth of knowledge and experience about the theory test, show me / tell me questions and the practical application of driving. Since starting as a relatively nervous driver, Dean’s relaxed personality has given me so much confidence in myself on the road. I passed today with 4 minors - thrilled! :-) Thanks again to Dean for helping me pass so quickly!!

Leigh Whitnall


Would definitely recommend as was a very nice instructor, always on time and helps with your confidence a lot

Danny Cox


I passed my driving test with Katie from Pass Out with no minors at all. Very professional and comfortable place to be learning in such a scary environment. Katie made sure I was prepped and ready for my test, and did everything she could to make it as easy as she could for me!

Beth Kelso


Absolutely loved my tuition here from Dean Thomas, just passed today all thanks to him! Fantastic instructor couldn't of wished for anyone better! I have been riding a bike for the past few years and I couldn't have chosen a better school to start driving with, I only did 18 hours with Dean, pushing my limits making me better and better every lesson and passed with 5 minors which I'm well chuffed with, Dean is a proper nice, laid back bloke who strives for people to pass with flying colours. Thanks again Dean

Paul Gribbon


Really good school, I passed first time with only 3 minors, really recommend using pass out driving school to anyone learning how to drive.

Bobby Ruck


Would definitely recommend had an amazing instructor cliff, couldn’t of passed my test with out his support !!

Denise Blackwood